The Photography Teacher's Handbook

Practical Methods for Engaging Students in the Flipped Classroom

Practical Tools & Methods
Designed to Increase Student Engagement, Learning & Academic Achievement

-For Teachers in Post Secondary & Higher Education
-For Grad Students Who Want to Develop a Teaching Style
-For Beginning Teachers of Photo that Want to Learn More
-For Veteran Photo Educators Who Want to Know More




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Who is this book for?

Who is This Book For?

This handbook is written for current & future photography educators who are interested in innovative teaching strategies that can help engage students both in and outside the classroom. It is a collection of ready to use, hands-on tools presented to inspire and empower pre-career graduate students or beginning photography instructors. It is also for veteran instructors who would like to revitalize their teaching approach. It is for anyone who is motivated to better connect with the learning styles of contemporary photography students. No matter where an educator is in their career, they will find this book to be filled with possibilities. The reader may think of the methods in the book as additional tools for their teaching process. Each tool can easily be tailored to the specific needs of any teacher's classroom. Photo-educators are invited to try out their favorite techniques, to integrate them into his or her unique curriculum. Teachers may even be inspired to create additional innovative ideas tailored to their teaching style.The evolution of every photo curriculum is driven by the desire to increase student achievement. Educators want students to be knowledgeable, successful, well-rounded photographers. They should become technologically confident, aware of their growing individual styles, and flexible enough to adapt to a variety of photographic subjects. Photo-educators also want students to develop critical thinking skills. The Photography Teacher's Handbook is designed to enhance teaching and learning by bringing more engagement, energy, excitement, and challenges into every part photo educational experience!

The Art, Science, & Magic of Teaching Photography

The Art, Science, and Magic of Teaching Photography

It is assumed that readers of this handbook know how to teach, so the purpose of this book is not to tell educators how to teach their courses. It is assumed that readers have collected a lot of practical teaching skills from many years of observing great teachers at work. In addition, teachers may even have practical experience in the classroom. On-the-job training might have begun at a time when students used film and made prints in the darkroom. Or, one's teaching practice may have started more recently with digital cameras and editing software. In any case, readers have amassed a lot of experience and knowledge about photography and have a good idea about how to deliver a quality education to students.

Photography teachers have embraced the challenge of practicing two major professional fields, photography and teaching. Gaining some degree of mastery over either of these fields individually requires many years of study and practice. It is common for photography teachers to concentrate much of their formal education in the field of photography and have taken little opportunity to commit equal attention to study of education. The example of past teachers and on-the-job training are the two main sources for learning the skills required to be an effective teacher.

But if the reader is like the author, he or she may be interested in finding new ways to become better at the job they love most, teaching photography. Educators may be motivated by the desire to become a more effective, engaging teacher, but may find themselves working in their own isolated bubble of academia that is one's institution (or department) and wondering about what other photography teachers, or even teachers at large, are doing in their classrooms that is working. Sometimes learning about successes other photography teachers are discovering in their bubbles can support and invigorate one’s own teaching.

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